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No parties. No pot leaves. 

This is about patient compassion.

The campaign is designed to be simple, straightforward and unite people to help break the stigma associated with Medical Cannabis. 

There are two important issues in this debate. 

1. State governments have been acting on their own and sixteen states have decided that they approve of medical cannabis. More state approvals are on the horizon. 

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2. The U.S. Federal Government does not believe that cannabis has any medical value. They continue to block distribution and research for medicinal purposes.

Last week the DEA ruled once again, a decade after it made the same decision, that marijuana is a potentially dangerous drug without known medical benefits. During the intervening 10 years, though, nine more states passed medical marijuana laws, bringing the total to 17.  Two years ago, the American Medical Assn. recommended changing the classification of marijuana to Schedule II, which would make it easier for researchers to obtain the drug for medical studies. Los Angeles Times Editorial- July 13 2011

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The dispute between State and Federal Government must be resolved. 

You can help by supporting local and national legislative efforts. Currently, 16 states have legalized Medical Cannabis in some form. The Local municipalities have also become a critical component of the responsible introduction of medical cannabis into their communities.

I DO originates from the work of People United For Medical Marijuana in Orlando, Florida. The goal is to re-legalize medical marijuana in Florida by petitioning, educating the public, and lobbying legislators. You can read more about People United For Medical Marijuana by visiting our website at

If you would like more specific information on individual state laws, we recommend the following links from national lobby groups.

Marijuana Policy Project

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