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If you had told Larcenia Bullard 35 years ago — back when she was teaching school kids for a living — she would one day use her lofty platform as a Florida state senator to advocate for marijuana reform, she would have banished you to the principal's office. "I would not have possibly imagined that to be true," Bullard says, laughing. "It was not an issue I'd given two thoughts to before."        Read More


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MIAMI (CBS4) – On the shelves of several convenience stores in South Florida, CBS 4 News found a drug that law enforcement, legislators and drug experts describe as “dangerous” and even deadly, and despite efforts to ban the drug, the makers are able to keep it legal and for sale.       Read More


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"He doesn't have to "preach to the choir" and get youths on board, he says, because seniors could hold the key to a successful campaign. The elderly may benefit from using marijuana to treat an increasing number of conditions from insomnia to multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease that plague them as they age, he said."       Read More or WATCH the discussion.

The Silver Tour- Teaching senior citizens about the safety, utility, effectiveness, cost savings and politics of medical cannabis.

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